Three Great Programs at EHFPL!

Monday Dec. 18, 4:30-6:00 pm at EHFPL: Tech Help with the EH Leos.

Thursday Dec. 22, 5:00-6:00 pm at EHFPL: 9th Annual All Ages Holiday Hootenanny. Games, snacks and toys for everyone!

Thursday Dec. 22, 6:00-8:00 pm at EHFPL: Cheesy Holiday Movie. You don’t want to miss this one!

This Week is Bat Week!

Halloween is just around the corner and time to celebrate bats, the most amazing creatures of the night. Starting October 23rd ’til October 31st, check out the fun bat projects, fun facts, crossword puzzles, crafts and lots of other stuff available from EHFPL. To kick-off Bat Week, we are offering a pattern and instructions for making a Bat-O-Lantern, compliments of Bat Conservation International and East Haddam Free Pumpkin Library.

Stop into the library for your free templates and instructions, Mon.-Fri. 10-5:30.


(BCI Photo)

Pugsley’s First Flight

Pugsley is a Big Brown Bat who was orphaned and was raised by a human mom instead of a bat mom. When he was old enough to fly, he had to attend flight-school before he could be released into the wild. His first few lessons were a bit clumsy, but eventually he got the “hang” of it and earned his flight degree. Now, after graduation, he is gainfully employed as a night-flying insect-eater. Congratulations Pugs!

Here’s a short video of Pugsley’s first flight: Pugs earns his wings!

You’ve heard of “Nessie,” the Loch Ness Monster . . .

. . . but what about “Connie,” the Connecticut River Monster or the Phantom of the Goodspeed Opera? Do you really know what lurks in your back yard? Find out on Thursday October 26th at 5:00 pm when EHFPL presents: Fantastic Beasts in Your Back Yard, with Master Cryptowildlife Conservationist, Maureen Heidtmann. Create your own fantastic beast after the presentation – creature-making materials provided.

Today is World Turtle Day!

Help us “shellebrate” the 17th annual World Turtle Day! Visit EHFPL and get a turtle crossing road-sign craft kit.


World Turtle Day is sponsored by American Tortoise Rescue. Click the link for their web site and activity page; the turtles of the world will thank you, including the handsome box turtle pictured here.


Cinco de Mayo Extravaganza at EHFPL – May 3rd

The annual Cinco de Mayo celebration will be a couple of days early this year.

On May 3rd join us at the library for games and snacks and to meet Juan the box-turtle. He can’t wait to meet you!

This fun event is co-sponsored by the East Haddam Leos. The activities start at 5:00 pm, and end at 7:00 pm.

See you then!

Saturday is Earth Day . . .

. . . as every day should be. One way to participate in this world-wide observance is to go to the sidebar and scroll down to click the butterfly image for a link to The National Wildlife Federation’s Garden for Wildlife web site. There you’ll to learn how to plant a beautiful garden that helps shelter and feed a variety of creatures, including Monarch butterflies.

And maybe you like to build things. If so, stop in at East Haddam Free Public Library and ask your earth-friendly librarian to print out plans for building either a one chamber or four chamber bat house – or both!

Bats are nature’s nocturnal pest control: safe, effective and free!

Have fun!