Bats & Viruses – Presentation Now Online

Bats & Viruses: This Friday at 6:00pm

Update: The presentation is now available by clicking on the “Resources” tab or by clicking the following link:

Bats & Viruses Presntation

Did you know that despite lots of coverage, there has been no evidence that Bats originated the COVID-19 virus? Learn more about these amazing creatures and their relation to viruses & outbreaks presented by wildlife expert, Maureen Heidtmann.

Maureen Heidtmann has been working with bats for more than 25 years. She is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and a Certified Wildlife Conservationist with the State of Connecticut’s DEEP.  

Warning: This program contains some graphic images of the Wet Markets found in parts of China. The presenter will give viewers a warning before the images are displayed on screen. Viewer discretion is advised.