Reminder: Peanut Free Zone

Howdy Folks, just a friendly reminder that peanut allergies are becoming more and more common. A peanut butter sandwich for you might mean a trip to the hospital for someone near you. So please be mindful of others with nut allergies and leave these types of snacks at home.


Our Children’s Areas are Peanut-Free Zones.

Please wash your hands before entering if you have been in contact with peanut products!

Thank you.

Upcoming Technology Classes

techshopOnce a month patrons will have a chance to go to the East Haddam Free Public Library and get free technology help from the EH Leos. Bring any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc) you need help with, or use one of EHFPL’s public PCs. The Leos will help you with just about any tech issue you might be having, including text-messages, facebook, email, cloud services, and more!

The East Haddam Library System is offering tech classes to be held at East Haddam Free Public Library at on the following date:

Wed. June 22 4:00 – 5:00
Wed. July 27 4:00- -5:00
Wed. Aug. 24 4:00 – 5:00

 Questions? Call Michael Gilroy at EHFPL or RFML.


Bats, Bugs, Bananas and Chocolate

the creature show

To continue The Halloween National Bat Month Celebration, see The Creature Show, which is broadcast from New Jersey. The facts are true of Connecticut bats as well as New Jersey bats because the same bat species live in both states. For information about Connecticut’s backyard bat count:

If you have found a bat, or for more information about Connecticut’s bats:

Now here’s something really scary: imagine a world full of mosquitoes and no bananas or chocolate. Bats eat bugs and pollinate plants, including those that produce chocolate.


Enjoy the shows, and be sure to scroll down for more Fun & Facts about Bats.

Batman Cares About Bats

Batman really does care about bats! Watch this video by the creators of the movie, Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice, and come to EHFPL for our Batman Really Does Care About Bats Superhero craft program this summer. Please see the EHLS events calendar for the time and date of this and other upcoming summer programs at your libraries.

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